Our company was founded in 2005 by Fredrik Strömblad. After a vacation in Asia, when Fredrik purchased a number of larger fountains and sculptures, friends also wanted to have fountains to their gardens and a business concept and a company was born.  


The idea has since then been to offer handcrafted objects in small series primarily in metals. It started with products made of bronze. Then it continued with brass under the brand name Gusum's Messing that was founded in 1653.


The aim of sustainability and own designs was continued when the brand for bags - Oscar Borgström – was added to our brand portfolio.


In July 2014 it was time again to add the next brand - Munka Sweden. Munka Sweden is a well-known brand of pewter products manly replica from the 18th century. During 2016 we have added a new product line for pewter – modern Swedish design items signed by the artist and in limited editions.