Recycled Nordic Canvas

Recycled Nordic canvas Very strong vintage tarpaulin impregnated / waxed to withstand wind, ocean , rain, sun and snow. We let wash the canvas to remove dust, dirt and oil stains , but without removing the impregnated surface.

All covers are unique , its gray-green color shifts . Stitches and repairs have emerged over years of use. Each piece of canvas to the respective product is cut manually to capture its original scars and character.

This means that each product has a unique look . The coarse material is very durable , and will be using only beautiful with age .

New Canvas

Heavy 500g single- woven cotton on cotton warp , dense and durable canvas .
The uncolored clean canvas dyed into the desired and carefully selected colors.
The light khaki color , for example, colored with yellow clay from southern India
to get the raw natural sandy color.
Canvas is waxed with paraffin to be waterproof and durable .

You can wash your product by hand with detergent and water, not warmer than 30 degrees. This is to the impregnation and the fabric Charter must be kept intact.
Let air dry.


Harness Leather Dark Oil

A very stable and powerful vegetable tanned leather that maintain their original area of ​​skin, so natural scars and color changes of the skin contributes to its character.

This type of leather used today mainly of saddler because of its superior quality, durability and wear resistance. Harness leather is greased with vegetable oil that protects, softens and makes the product durable.

The leather is a natural material that allows air and moisture and are affected by weather and our use. Sunlight, moisture and dirt, making the leather darkens with time and also gives the leather a patina that makes the product only becomes more beautiful with time.

Care With proper care has leather harness an amazing durability. If necessary, grease them the leather with natural colored leather conditioner. It then returns to its protective surface, softness and luster. If the leather has become wet, dry it in the tempature of a room,

Not the elements or in a dryer because the warm air dries out the leather and my distort its shape. If the leather is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth and a mild soap. Gently wipe, do not rub.